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Grief & Loss ( Jesus Light )

In the depths of grief and the shadows of loss, it's in the embrace of Jesus Light that hope finds its brightest spark. In the heartache of saying goodbye and the ache of empty spaces, His presence illuminates the path toward healing and solace. Just as the sun rises after the darkest night, Jesus Light gently reminds us that even in our deepest sorrow, we are not alone. His love, a beacon of comfort, guides us through the storm, offering strength to withstand the tempest and courage to face each new day. In the midst of pain, His light shines as a reminder that joy will come in the morning, and in His arms, we find refuge and restoration. So, let us hold onto the promise of His eternal presence, knowing that even in our darkest hours, His light shines ever brighter, bringing warmth to our souls and peace to our hearts.

Dean Dixon

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